Building a better world, one community at a time



Active Projects

Guadalupe Carney, Honduras (Stormwater Project)


Les Anglais, Haiti (Water and Sanitation Projects)

Mungere Secondary School, Tanzania

Ostiones & Paufi, Ecuador (Esmeraldas WASH Program)

Completed Projects

Orkeeswa Secondary School, Tanzania

EWB at Orkeeswa

Bua, Ecuador

Composting Toilets


About EWB Projects

The Portland Chapter of EWB-USA welcomes all professionals, of any variety, to volunteer on EWB-USA sponsored projects. About half of our membership consists of professional engineers. In addition to the engineering aspects of EWB-USA projects, there is a great need for those professionals who are experienced in administration, cultural anthropology, social sciences, health, fundraising, public relations, education and other expertise necessary for international community development. Some opportunities to help may include travel to project sites, while others may not.

Below are specific ways you can contribute locally to the Portland Chapter.

VOLUNTEER ON A PROJECT OR PROPOSE A NEW PROJECT – find out what roles you can play, and how to get directly involved in projects

ACTIVE PROJECTS – find out how to get involved with specific projects that are currently happening in the Portland Chapter 

STUDENT CHAPTER PROJECTS – find out info for specific projects that are currently happening in the regional student chapters