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Summer 2010 Trip

July 20, 2010

Porland, OR - Project teams from EWB-USA Portland Professionals have returned from Les Anglais after completing another successful trip.  The Water team completed implementation of a chorinator for the Basin Simbe reservoir. Past efforts of this project team have focused on restoring flow to this reservoir and from the reservoir to the community.  The addition of a chlorinator is a important milestone in providing both adequate quantity and quality of water to the community. 

The trip also included assessment activities for the newly formed Sanitation Project team.  The team conducted surveys, site mapping, and community mobilization activities, and looks forward to continuing this community-based process in Fall 2010.

For the latest progress of this active project team, please contact the project team lead.

The following slideshow includes highlights from the latest trip to Les Anglais This covers water project implementation activities and sanitation project assessment.